Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The government is shutting down the occupy movement. OWS? Armed police evicted them. AKA, they cleared them out. The judge said they had no right to be where they were. They regrouped yesterday. So many people are so determined to shut down this whole thing. This is bigger than that. This is worldwide. Belgium, Germany, Spain. Tomorrow is the national day of direct action. Two month anniversary of OWS.
And this is bigger than just physically occupying, although this is a good way to get these ideas across. This is the government trying to shut down our voice- choosing the 1% over the 99%, the general public. Why is this happening? What is wrong with this world?
People go outside. They hold up signs. They yell. They march. This is not hurting anyone. Who is this hurting? The 1%. This is hurting the government's, the banks' sense of control. But you can not control a nation. A nation, a country, is not something that can be controlled. You can't cage a nation. You can lock people in jail. You can take their rights away. But there will always be people that lash against you. You can't cage a nation.
You can't stop people when they'll do anything for equality.
You can't cage Belgium. You can't cage Germany. You can't cage Spain. You can't cage the US.
So many people coming together on a variety of issues, standing together for the same things. This is something good. Why are they trying to stop this?
How are so many people finding bad in this?
The fact that people want to stop this... this hurts. This hurts us all. This hurts our chance at equality. We are the 99%.

Equality. In Massachusetts, there are five groups covered by the law. Five groups of people with disadvantages. You can't discriminate on the basis of race, sexuality, age, sex, or religion.
There are good things about this. There are bad things about this.
Well, it's obvious.
But there are some bad things about this. There are only five groups. People have been fighting to get equal rights for transgendered people as well. They wrote a bill.
 It was passed. I like Massachusetts.
Now Deval has to sign it within the next ten days(which he said he would do), and Mass gets a little closer to, you know, equality. This is a good thing.
Now we can't discriminate on the basis of gender identity.

I might go down to Occupy ********* Saturday. This is something I've wanted to do for a while.

Happy national day of direct action eve,

(and just to ask you a question, do you think I need a new picture?)

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