Sunday, February 12, 2012

the way i want it to turn out

My school put on a musical.
It had a lot of... songs.
That were... um... interesting. Let's put it that way. Interesting.
This musical was...
Andbutso watching this musical gave me an idea.
An idea that reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson helped along.
So I'm writing a play.
My play is different.
My play is not something that schools put on.
But when I finish it, I am going to ask them to. And if they don't? I'll organize it myself, do all of it myself.
Because I want to change the world.
With a few words and a couple stage directions.
My play is about some people.
Some people who aren't straight like everyoneinthemusicalmyschoolputonthisyear.
And probably everyone in the musical my school put on last year. And probably everyone in the play my school put on last year.
So my play is about two girls.
Who are so totally in love.
And I am going to finish it.
Really finish it.
This is something I have to do. This is something that I will do that might actually make a difference. I want to make people notice all the injustices. I want to make people feel.
Just hope my idea doesn't suck.
Hope the world likes it.
Hope it makes a difference.
Hope I can do it.
Because it I can...
can change the world.
With a few words.
And a couple stage directions.


  1. Tell us when you finish the script! I would really love to see that.

  2. Do you think (if you're still in a writing mood) you could try something about a girl crushing on another girl who is straight?

  3. I will!
    I'll put it up here, if it's not... outrageously long.

  4. So, it's been, what, five months now?
    Is it finished?
    Did you produce it?
    And, regardless of whether or not you finished it... can we see it?