Sunday, April 15, 2012

the reincarnation of street signs

During the First Days of My Blog, I posted a lot about street signs, with idiotic titles that replaced words in common phrases with the words "street sign." The Street Sign Doesn't Fall Far From the Street Sign.
I thought I was so clever.
I wasn't.
Since then, my understanding of street signs has undergone many transformations.
Like that sign, with all the arrows going in a bunch of curly directions. It made no sense.
*that would be this one
Or the time I saw this* sign and thought they put the T sign up sideways.
I was quickly reinformed.
And then there is my constant puzzlement as to exactly why the Mass Pike sign has, like, a pilgrim hat on it.
And there was a telephone pole I encountered once, that had two of the same sign on it. NO OUTLET. What does that even mean?
I was oddly fascinated by the culture of street signs. I thought my questions about them were especially witty. I thought my title was super hilarious. I probably laughed quietly to myself for an embarrassing amount of time. But my third post was the last about street signs.
In what sort of world does a person write two whole posts about street signs, a topic that literally no one but her actually cares about?
This kind.

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