Friday, June 22, 2012

sheep fix everything, but not really

i am sorry, blog, for i have been neglecting you. so i will grant you with this no-capital-letter-post and maybe then you'll forgive me. as if this makes up for it.
i mean there's not much i can say right now. when we drove up to vermont we saw a car from way-out-of-state plastered with a bunch of anti-obama, obviously racist stickers. proud frontcenterleftright, covering that stupid bumper of that stupid pickup truck, a truck which apparently had no dignity.
so that made me angry. i made the legally correct choice and didn't key it.
i'm not sure if that's a good thing, or a bad thing.
i haven't really been saying anything socially conscious lately. on here. you wouldn't believe how many posts i started, then deleted, because they ended up sounding extremely stupid and strangely-worded.
but that's how i am.
i think it's been said a thousand times, and the world is tired of it. maybe the world even got over it, but individuals haven't. and it's been said a couple hundred times, too, when people have been all obama where's that birth certificate, that assuming barack obama was born in africa is terribly racist. but i'm going to say it again because it needs to be said a couple hundred more times to get it up to the level at which it needs to be heard.
assuming barack obama was born in africa is terribly racist. 
racism bad.
and so to counter that post full of anger and frustration, i drew you a sheep.

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