Saturday, July 28, 2012


The Olympics vary this year. So many countries are sending women for the first time (woo! pioneering!), and other countries are sending more women than men. This is amazing. This is new. And this is great, but, of course, issues come up. Like this, everyone ragging on Leisel Jones because of her weight. Seriously- does anyone do that with men? Uh, no, not really (although if anyone does, feel free to correct me and comment on my incorrectness).
But I think it's amazing, anyway, that some countries are becoming open to the idea of women in the Olympics, that others have more women than men. Women can be athletes. 
Women. Are. Athletes. 
I, personally, am a fan of the Olympics. The Olympics make me want to be a runner. The Olympics make me want to swim. And this year? SO MANY DOORS OPENING, to be cliché. (Also? The queen.)
Any and all, tell me your take on them Olympics.

Correction- NBC guys talked about Clay Stanley (volleyball man)'s weight... but how good he looked, and not how much he'd gained and how incredibly fat he looked, like they did with Leisel Jones. 

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  1. Y'know...The Olympics don't really thrill me. I might be one of the least athletic person alive, so watching other people be athletic? Not my thing. The opening ceremonies are fun to watch, though.
    Even though this one was very, very strange...