Monday, May 16, 2011

Me, on my inner baker- yeah, I got one, don't you?

No, I'm not gonna bake you brownies.
Although, I do quite enjoy baking things. Not that I'm a stereotypical girl or anything- far from it, I guess. I just like eating stuff. And when you eat stuff, you gotta have something to eat, and it all tastes better if you're the one that made it. Or so it seems when one is as old as I am. When I get older, no doubt, I'll think that every meal I don't make is a good one. Which is totally the way I feel about meals. Just not baked goods. I mean, there's this huge whack-a-mole difference, okay?!
And, I must say, my brownies rock. They rock my socks right off, and that takes a lot of awesome power, I've gotta say. Not everything rocks my socks off, you know. It's an honor. Well, I guess that just sounds like I'm driving my own bus or whatever, but it's true. I actually just like brownies in general. And cake. You know, I like baking cake because I get frosting all over myself, and it makes me feel hard core. Yeah, that's what I said. When I'm covered in flour, I feel hard core. Don't make fun of me, if you were me, you'd feel the same way! Well, duh.
But I really love making frosting. Because it tastes so dang good, and it's just, like, I dunno, friendly friend friend, but it's just the essence of oh-my-gush-gush-that-rocks. Which, I admit, is a weird thing to be the essence of, but don't tell frosting that! You'll hurt its feelings. Don't be so insensitive, pal, buddy.
Wait. I'm not sure if you're my friend. If you were, I think I would have baked you brownies by now, dontcha think...?
Well, anyway. I don't bake brownies for just anyone. So you have to be special and stuff. And you have to catch me in the moment. If I'm not in the moment, no brownie-baking will happen. Although, it's not very much of a disappointment, because I make them out of a box. But they're still surprisingly good. What can I say? I have a gift. A baking gift. Oh yeah, able to make and eat as much as she wants, that's me. What can I say?
And no, I can't say that I'm going to bake you brownies, because I'm not going to. Uh-uh, no way. Sheesh, I don't even know who you are! Don't be creepy, my non-friend.
Ah, what's wrong with me? I've got to get to the point. Or do I? I mean, theoretically, I don't, because there really isn't one. My head isn't sharp enough to form a point just now- I'm kinda exhausted. I'm pretty proud of myself for not falling asleep in English class.
So, points are overrated, anyway. Like, super pointy points. What's the point if you can't ramble on and on forever? Well, to clarify, there is a point if there's no rambling, which is super evil. So, I'm not a fan of points right now, because... Whoa, I'm kinda dull.
I like cupcakes!
Okay, so, question time, while I'm back on the subject of food.

What are two of your favorite foods that you've never had together but would like to try together, no matter if they might be disgusting?

I think that my answer for this one would be Cadbury Creme Eggs dipped in applesauce. Come on, how great does that sound? Great! It sounds right up my alley, to the beat of my own jam. Most people would be repulsed. I would be ecstatic. I am ecstatic. We have applesauce... But, dang, no CCE's.
Ah, well.
If I ever try it, I'll tell you how awesome it was.

Me, myself, I 

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