Monday, May 9, 2011

Hear those horns? Well, no, I betcha you don't. Cuz I don't either.

Random music playing is sometimes the sign of something new coming. And whatnot. Or whatever. But why?
Well, who really cares?!
Oh yeah. There's your question.

Why does random music sometimes symbolize a new dawn/ day/ whatever?

How do you like them apples?
Well, I really like apples myself.
We have this Greek Day thing at school (and, surprisingly, this is not off topic at all). We're each a person, from either mythology or actual-ness. I'm Atalanta (yay!).
Who is this awesome-tastic individual, you ask? Well, she was a she. And she was this awesome hunter/archer/runner. Actually, she was the fastest mortal on Earth. So, her dad was really mad that she wasn't a boy when she was born, so he left her on the top of a mountain to die (terrible parenting skills, right?!). Except Artemis felt bad for her, so she sent a female bear to take care of her. And so then she became a really good hunter/archer/runner.
There was this place, Calydon, and this huge boar that some god sent to ravage the city. There was this huge hunt of heroes, like Heracles, Jason, and Atalanta. Atalanta was the first to wound it (with her bow and arrows). So that was fun.
There was also a prophecy that said Atalanta wouldn't be happy if she got married. But she was reunited with her dad, and he wanted her to. So she said that the person had to beat her in a footrace first. Or die.
A bunch of people died.
Then this guy, Melanion or Hippomenes, asked Aphrodite for help. She gave him three golden apples, to throw across Atalanta's path to distract her.
It worked.
They got married.
They offended Zeus or someone like that.
He turned them into lions.
The end.
See, apples!!!!!
Ha ha.
There was a relation, so I am not a total dork! Well, maybe. But not in that way. So there. You can not hurt me with thy foul words!

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  1. Because music is inspirational? Sometimes? I always listen to music in the morning. In fact, I'm listening to some right now.