Thursday, June 30, 2011

Squishy chairs- yum

There's a squishy chair over there. Should I sit in it? I feel like I should, but... someone's coming. Okay. Moving my stuff to sit by the squishy chair. Wait... I hear something. Someone just looked at me. Good thing I didn't move yet. Phew. Okay, slowly now. Hey, it's squishy. Very squishy. Niiiiiiiiiiiice! I want to eat it. I hope it's stuffed with cotton candy, cuz here I come!
Never mind.
The world looks weird from the squishy chair. But it's squishy! I'm not gonna forfeit that for a different view of the world. Anyway, this is a different view of the world. I like this place. Oooooh, built in table! Sweeeeeet! Swively! My computer's sitting on it now. I don't like it, because I have to sit up straight to use it. Okay, computer back on my lap, and fully enjoying the squishy chair-ness of it all. This rocks! Too bad I have no one to share it with. Too bad I don't have some hot chocolate. That would be nice, even though it's the middle of summer. What? People drink coffee all year round! Anyway, I'm hungry, and other drinks don't make me not-hungry like hot chocolate does. Okay? Can you pleeeeeease just deal with it?
Oh, by the way, I'm at my father's workplace. In the library, technically. Outside the office that he's having a meeting in. In a squishy chair. A cool looking squishy chair. I would take a picture of it for you, but I feel like that would be pushing my luck.
I hope they don't have cameras in here. Then they'll see that I switched from the squishy bench to the squishy chair. Oh no. That would be awkward. That's why I waited so long to do it! So no one would see me! But now I'm sitting in the squishy chair. I hope my dad doesn't finish his meeting soon. Because I'm living the life of squishy-dom.
Okay, it's not actually that squishy. But it's got the right amount of squish to make it awesomely comfortable! There's three in this room. I want to bring one home, but that's probably illegal.
Girl caught stealing from library at father's workplace!
Very humiliating headline, I bet. But I wouldn't know. I didn't do it yet... I mean, I'm not going to do it at all. I would never steal a chair from a library. That would bu stupidness! Come on, what kind of weirdo would do that?
Not me!
No, but for real. I wouldn't.
So here's my question foooooooooooooor.... you!

Where was the best chair you've ever sat in located?

Just a meaningless question that relates to the topic! It's not like I'm going to go and sit in all the chairs you guys tell me about (or am I?). Ha. That would be pointless(ly awesome). 
Okay, bye. I want to bask in the squish now. Aaaaaaaaaah. 


  1. the furniture store. the one in the mall.

  2. The seat in huuuuuuge roller coaster at Hershey Park. That was on awesome ride! :)