Thursday, July 7, 2011

Muffins, and a little bit of poison ivy. Just a little. I promise.

So. We made muffins. I'm always down for a muffin, you know. It's just one of those things... one bite- ahhhh. Almost like that squishy chair... moving on. I don't want to dwell on the fact that I'm not in one now. It'll make me feel bad. Again, just one of those things.
But I am not down for a blueberry. Ever. At all. Sorry to all you blueberry lovers (like, hmm, my whole family), but they're gross. Slimy. Squishy. And not good squishy, like a squishy chair. Bad squishy, like a rotten banana.
But I'm usually okay with blueberry muffins, because, come on, it's a muffin. But not when there's a million blueberries. And not when they're big.
But I L-O-V-E (yes! I can spell!) chocolate chip muffins. Yuuuuum. I'm not all that hot on banana muffins, but don't judge me. I do like bananas alone, and in banana bread.
I looooove pumpkin muffins, too, and I would probably like peanut butter muffins, even though I'm not sure they exist.
We just made muffins. Blueberry. I thought they'd be good, and they're pretty decent, but the blueberries are big. Huge? Sure, whatever. But they do have that sugary crumbly stuff on top, and that's really cool. They're beautiful, even though on the inside, I do not enjoy them as much as I'd hoped.
That's the case with poison ivy (yup, here's that part. I'm breaking my promise. This is gonna be a lot. I just said that so you'd still read it. Sorry... not). Look at my picture. The one that goes with my profile. Come on, how ding dong beautiful is that? It's poison ivy. I took it. The lighting is really good, I've got to admit. I don't know why it's such a good picture... but it is. Hey, nothing I ever take is a good picture! Except that one! I LOVE POISON IVY!
Actually, I do. It's all over our backyard (which is really just two feet of flat stone and then a hill), so I'm not really supposed to like it. I'm supposed to fear it, or something weird like that. It's beautiful, and a perfect subject for a wannabe photographer like myself. Even if it doesn't have good intentions. When you think about it, nature gave it those intentions. It didn't ask to be what it is. It deserves mention, even though everyone thinks it's evil. Seemingly evil things can be the most beautiful. That's actually how nature works. The beautiful things often hide some sort of weird trap... like the pitcher plant. 

So, is beauty beauty, or does it depend on the degree of evil that this thing possesses, and if they mean it or not?

Beauty can be beauty, sure. But I say that we need to overlook beauty sometimes, even as photographers, because looking at that and only that is turning us into the prey. Then again, the pitcher plant does it to survive. But we don't want to be the ones that the pitcher plant is eating.
So, folks. Lesson? Poison ivy rocks. But don't touch it.

Poison ivy,


  1. For me, I guess beauty is beauty. For example, humans can be seen as evil for the way we kill millions of animals for food, yet we are still beautiful. Awesome question. :D

  2. Hey Erin~! :D
    woah, wait ur pic is of poison ivy? i would have NEVER known that lawlz :P