Sunday, August 7, 2011


Insightful observation #1- Everyone has a flaw-ish thing. Everyone. If I wanted to go all ooh-la-la literature-esque on you, I would call it a fatal flaw. But I'm not. I'm calling it a flaw-ish thing, kay? Kay. I'm not gonna lie to you. This thing, it ain't fatal. Just... a flaw...ish thing. Whatever you wanna call it, it doesn't matter. But everyone has one. Some people crave attention, and you know what, that's just annoying. Like, there goes all the friends you could have. Some people don't listen to you when you're so obviously talking to them and only them. Some people have the competition thing... and even that would be kind of okay, but some of them totally rub it in your face every time they win. Basically, it's everyone trying to put across an image, I think. The image of cool. Apparently, cool is also annoying. You know, if that's what it takes to be cool, then I don't even want to be cool. I have standards. Morals. But I guess I have a flaw-ish thing, too. Hey, I'm getting better! The first step to overcoming is coming out of denial! Check. But I don't know what it is. Most people don't. I guess we judge other people, and forget to judge ourselves. Or else we judge ourselves to harshly, and fabricate a whole life in our own minds, because we think we're horrible people. You barely ever come across someone who's found the perfect middle. In fact, you never do. But everyone has something that annoys everyone around them. Nobody is flawless. Yeah, yeah, you've heard that a million times. But the question is, do you listen?

Insightful observation #2- I really, really have to go to the bathroom right now. And I'm hungry. And my back hurts. Ugh, I'm a trainwreck! Well, I'm having a lot of problems right now. So, adios, amigos. I'll be back in un momento! (Maybe.)

Insightful observation #3- Lies are pretty bad most of the time, but sometimes people lie for the greater good, I guess. Sometimes people lie to make other people feel better about themselves, or something else. I mean, generally, lies are not a very good thing. On principal. But I was writing my novel earlier, and I realized that sometimes people lie because they really, really care about something or someone. Sometimes lies aren't all bad. No, I'm not telling you all to go lie to everyone, but I'm saying that I've noticed lies can be... not good, but not terrible, either. I've also noticed that people lie all the time anyway, the bad kind of lies. I do not support that. I don't support lies... in general. But there are some exceptions. Just like there are some exceptions to that i before e except after c rule. Like, a few. A couple. Okay, several. Whatever. I this case, there's only one situation in which I support lies (small lies, mind you. Very small ones). And that would be to make someone feel better about something. Something that matters. Not something totally stupid or something that no one is going to end up caring about anyway. In that case, a lie is not justified. Uh uh. Not justified... Only sometimes. In your life, you will probably only lie a justified lie a couple times. Most of the lies you lie will be awful, and very unjust. Well, what can you do about it? Try to avoid lying all together.
Being truthful and honest really matters, I guess. So, um, do it. Be honest, truthful, don't lie, and for God's sake, put down that mocha McWhozit (if you don't know what I'm talking about, go to the WWF page. Then you will understand) and actually listen to what I'm blogging (saying would be too strong a word)!

So. Gimme some feedback, people! I hope you don't now think I am a lame-o, because I can assure you, I am not. Anyone who tell you I'm a lame-o is... kind of right... You did not just read that. That never happened.

Eat some pizza,
Big Game Erin

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