Monday, October 17, 2011

Come on, Topeka.

Hello. Sort of old news:
Topeka, Kansas. They're decriminalizing domestic violence. People, this is a problem! This should be a crime! There is no longer anything stopping the abusers from abusing. People don't necessarily listen to the law. But this is a law that needs to be in place. You can't make something so obviously heinous and wrong legal. I don't even understand why anyone would think for a second that they should make this legal. Topeka! What were you thinking?! Seven people. Seven people on the City Council decided that this is a totally acceptable thing to do. They thought they had a good reason?
Nothing is a good enough reason to make domestic violence legal. People are going to die, Topeka. You know people are going to die. I don't care what your reason was. This is not an okay thing.
This is awful.
This is a problem.
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Dorothy should have stayed in Oz.

These days, people say they like your sexual assault/domestic violence awareness pin without even knowing what it means. But we need awareness! Terrible things are happening. Young people don't know. They don't realize. They say things, and they don't know what sort of impact it has. They spit out their sexist jokes, their racist jokes, without realizing what they really mean. But we can change that. We can show them all that words hurt... but they can also help.
People are getting arrested just for saying what they think. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? These people were being peaceful. Why did they get arrested? How is that lawful?
But things are going to get better. Occupy Boston, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Chicago. These are good things.
I'm a kid. All I have is words. But can't words help? Can't this help?
We can make this help. We can make a difference. Even though I can't stand with the people that believe the same things as me, in any of the peaceful protests going on around the United States, I can use words. I have words.
You have words.
Words can help.
The people protesting are fighting for equality. We're fighting for equality. We're telling the government that the wars aren't helping. We're fighting for equal rights.
I fight with the words.

Keep fighting,

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  1. Erin, you are awesome--I am so proud of what you wrote--you go!!!!!