Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Music- and a bit more solitaire (you bored with the solitaire yet?)

So, first of all, the buttons. Check it. The clouds that have words on them, on the side of the blog? Click them. Awesomeness will ensue.
So, I'm not feeling insightful right now. I'll do it later, jeez! The green cloud doesn't link to anything yet... so what? It can wait. All you people can wait. Being insightful takes a lot of energy. And I have just about none right now. Maybe it's because I made a video for you. That was hard (not really)! Here it is. They say that it takes five million hours to upload a video onto Blogger. We'll see. Here goes:
It has really bad quality.
In case you couldn't tell, that's what happens when you win solitaire on my computer. Awesome, right? That's why it was so hard, though. I never win.
Now, because you probably have this strong loathing for solitaire now, because I've talked so much about it, I'm moving on.
We can talk about music. Hold on. I have to put some on.
Okay. Did it.
It's Beck.
Everyone hates my music. People are all like, I hate your music. And I'm just like, I hate your music. I like alternative. And rock. Other people are like, OH MY GOD POP MUSIC. These people make me a little bit angry. No offense, if you're one of them.
I'm also not a huge country person, but The Avett Brothers are good.
So, you probably have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. No big deal. Click on the links.
Anyway. I need to find my Oasis CD. Their What's The Story (Morning Glory) album.
Okay, on an unrelated (sort of) topic, Coldplay's new album is coming out on the 24th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coldplay is, like, the best band ever. You're welcome for the free advertising, Coldplay. I am extremely excited. And, now, because of this post, I got the look at the website (never seen it before).
So, after boring you for about a bajillion hours (heck, I even bored myself), and am gonna ask you a question (big surprise).

What is your favorite genre of music?

Yeah. So have so much fun, just in general life. You know. Enjoy the video. And the really short post. Whatever. Some people like short things.

And by the way.
It's Coming Out Day.


1 comment:

  1. I can't pick a genre! I like stuff from all different genres. I guess if you looked at my ipod, you'd see mostly alternative, but I don't like Green Day, or All Time Low, or whatever else usually comes to mid when I think of the alternative genre.
    All hough it shouldn't really be like that. Alternative should be a genre for the artists who don't fit in the other genres, I think. Right?
    I like the band They Might Be giants a lot, and I'm starting to get a little more into The Decemberists (I like The Mariners Revenge Song and July, July a lot) I also like MGMT and Foster The People. So, yeah. Lotta stuff going on there. :)