Monday, October 31, 2011

IO#3 Yeah, I can abbreviate stuff, too.

Insightful Observation #1- Human beings are evil. I know I've said this, like, multiple times, but I really wanted to reiterate, obviously. I could go into all the details. I could write about how we're super greedy. I could write about how we're always looking at what we don't have instead of what we do. There's a comic that pretty much sums it up. (Don't judge me. I like Calvin and Hobbes.)
Click on it. It gets bigger. But, seriously.
"I suppose if people thought about real issues and needs instead of manufactured desires, the economy would collapse and we'd have a total anarchy."
This is called sarcasm, on her part. But the anarchy part aside, if people thought about real issues and needs instead of manufactured desires, human beings wouldn't be so evil!
Just saying.

Insightful Observation #2- We, as humans, fail to notice other humans' problems. We think we have it so bad. Individually, we're all like, oh, I'm so miserable. We say things about it. But what we don't realize is there are people around us, suffering worse things. Because we don't see the pain in their eyes when we say it. We don't see the way they won't smile again for a while. We're so wrapped up in this problem, that, even if we see it, we don't care. Bad things can happen because of this. Real bad things.
Dude, I'm raising your awareness here. People say to be careful what you wish for? Be careful what you say. Be careful what you think. Be careful what you do around people who might have had bad experiences. Or people in fragile emotional states! And these things aren't usually immediately obvious. So, you know, don't say this stuff around anyone. If you want to be safe.
Ask them about their problems. And if they don't want to say anything, don't ask anymore. Really, it's that easy.
I get it. It seems oh so difficult. But really? Just think about it. You know, put yourself in their shoes (not that you know what their problems are, but just hypothesize).
And ta da.

Insightful Observation #3- We lie every day. We say we did our homework when we didn't. We say we're not hungry when we are. We say we understand the math problem when we don't. We say we'll do it later when we won't. We tell ourselves that we're okay when we're not. We tell each other that we understand how they're feeling. We assure each other that it'll get better when we know it won't.
Some of these things are good. Some of them... well, some of them are just immature. Some of them are to give each other hope. Some of them are to give ourselves hope.
Sometimes it just doesn't matter. But sometimes it can change your life. It can change someone else's life.
We've all lied. Don't go all denial on me.
We lie to make ourselves feel better. We lie to make each other feel better.
We lie because we really, really don't want to do our homework. (Yes, I do think that's lame.)
But we do it. It's, like, a second nature. Which, honestly? What does that say about us?

Okay, I know. No question. No question the time before last. But last time I had a good question. And who answered it? Two people.
Well, feel free to comment, whatever you do.

Happy Halloween (I hate Halloween, by the way),
Moi (is French for me, aren't I fancy?)


  1. I only judge you as AWESOME for liking Calvin & Hobbes.
    And does this mean you didn't really do your homework?
    No, really, you are a cool, smart, insightful NON-evil human. <3

  2. I did my homework, mom. Jeesh. Don't have to worry.

  3. About your observation # 2....
    I was thinking about this. And about how people are like "Why are you so upset about loosing a pencil? Kids are STARVING in Africa right now!"
    But really, I think it's all proportionate.
    For example, if you've been hunted by demons all your life, and the demons suddenly get sucked into a black hole, you won't take the lack of demons for granted.
    But your problem scale will almost immediately change without the threat to bring your scale to proportion. Just a week later, some guy stealing your boyfriend or whatever will seem just as huge as the demons burning down your third house.
    That's just my theory.