Friday, November 25, 2011

I Didn't Even Like Math Before This

Jasmine and Cali go shopping. Hannah bakes cookies. Tyler plays video games. Jacob works hard. 
Hi, sexism. Fancy meeting you here. So, according to math, guys play video games and work... hard. According to math, girls cook, and spend money. What the heck? It would take about two seconds to unravel this theory. Like, I know a lot of girls who hate shopping, and some guys who love it. I know a lot of girls who hate cooking, and some guys who love it. I know a lot of guys who hate video games and some girls who love them. And, heck, I know a lot of guys who don't work hard and a lot of girls who do. 
Do people think something like this doesn't matter, because it's math? Because it's not about the actual problem but the answer? 
It matters. 
Anything like this matters, anything that has a message like this. Anything like this matters. Anything like this blows us the wrong way.
This is bad. 
I tell you that you see this stuff everywhere. I wasn't lying. You see this stuff everywhere. Even in math class.
I thought of refusing to do this. But then I realized, what would that prove? Would anyone even care? I would just have to do it anyway. It would be kind of pointless. Everyone would think I just didn't want to do it... 
Those are unhappy smiley-faces.
People, this is all I could think of to do. Show you guys. Hope I don't get sued for putting it online (even though I'm pretty sure I can't be). Show you that if you see something like this, bring it to someone's attention. Do something about it.

Happy Thanksgiving-was-yesterday,

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  1. My favorite part..."Hi Sexism. Fancy meeting you here." hahahahaha you are brilliant!