Saturday, December 10, 2011


It's Human Rights Day.
Yeah, great day for the police to evict Occupy Boston. I mean, really? What the heck.
They were being peaceful. And yet, they arrested so, so many of them.
Over 100 police officers. Over 100.
They raided the camp. Technically, Thomas Menino ordered an eviction two days ago.
But they didn't leave.
Right on.
But then there's this. It's Human Rights Day. And, honestly, they shouldn't be doing it at all.
People quit their jobs and gave up their homes for this. Do you know how much they've lost?
So, I guess, happy Human Rights Day, government. Don't think they're going to keep their mouths shut just because you've taken away the physical place.
Like they say,
You can't evict an idea.

Longer post soon.

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