Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Conversation I Had In Spanish Class

Today, it is still Hiss At Gender Norms Week (it's the 25th, people like me who don't keep track of the date). If you missed it, yesterday's post.
So, today, what is getting on my nerves in the case of gender norms/ gender roles?
The conversation I had in Spanish class yesterday.
Person: Tell me something a guy likes to do...
Other Person Who Just So Happens To Be A Guy: Uh... I don't know. Skate? Not dance... not sing... definitely not listen to other people.
Okay, Other Person Who Just So Happens To Be A Guy, so guys like to skate... but not to sing or dance or listen to people? Yeah, those things are totally way too feminine. And skating? Yeah, only guys can skate.
This is partially infuriating, but this is also partially depressing.
The way these people are raised- to think that singing and dancing (and listening) are not masculine.
Guys like Other Person Who Just So Happens To Be A Guy are taught that they're supposed to be masculine and do masculine things like skate... not feminine things like sings and dance (and listen, but, really, in what world has listening ever even been a feminine thing? It's really just been a non-masculine thing).
at society for teaching people that all guys have to hate singing and dancing.
I mean, really. MJ, people!
He liked to sing and dance and everybody thought he was suuuuuuper awesome.
Society needs to take a clue and realize that teaching us that guyscan'tliketosingordanceorapparentlylistentootherpeople hurts us.
What if I'm a guy and I like to sing? Or dance? Or, God forbid, listen to other people.
I would be shunned, the way that society is raising us.
So, people?
Reject gender roles!
And tell everyone about Hiss At Gender Norms Week!

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