Thursday, January 26, 2012

Double Standard-Land

(if you missed, numero uno numero dos  of HAGNW)

Several years ago-
Looking at the book He's a Stud, She's a Slut in my mother's office in Nebraska.
Asking my mother what exactly those two things are.
Learning that if a guy... oh, I don't know how she puts it. Maybe "had a lot of girlfriends" he's a stud. But if a girl "had a lot of boyfriends," she's a slut (also, learning that "slut" is used as a derogatory term).

So this is what's eating me on this fine day of HAGNW.
So if a guy does exactly the same thing as a girl, he's studly. But she's a slut. She's trashy.
Here, have this clip (which I'm pretty sure I can put up here [unless SOPA passes] because it was on the television, so nobody's trying to hide it).
Look! (yeah, you have to click it. Tough.)
But this totally illustrates my point.
For the life of me, I can't find a better explanation than "they want to degrade women."
It makes him manly and studly and awesome. But it makes her awful and trashy and slutty.
So, uh...
Because the only reason there's a difference is because we're supposed to be pure. because our worth is based on this. But just us. No, not guys. Who the heck cares how many people a guy sleeps with? No one!
But if it's a girl... Well, that's certainly oh-so different.
If a girl loses her virginity before marriage...
But if a guy does...
This is called a double standard.
If a girl has premarital sex, everyone flips out. Her parents... everyone.
But if a guy does, then... it's just what's expected out of him. It's normal. It's whatever.
(also, see this video by the same girl in the other one, it's about slut shaming and how awful it is).
It's the same thing!
So why is there such a big difference between when a guy does it and when a girl does it?

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