Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why didn't they make a movie about the homosexual princess?

Yesterday, I asked a small child if she was ever going to get married. She said yes. She said she was going to marry a girl- because girls can marry girls, and boys can marry boys, she said. This is just so... right.
I mean, sure. Legally, in many places, no. But that wasn't her point. Her point was that it's completely okay for girls to marry girls, and boys to marry boys.
This is what we should be teaching our children. We shouldn't be teaching them about extremely heterosexual, helpless princesses. We shouldn't be teaching them about knights in shining armor (because, apparently, the guys are always the heroes?). We should be teaching them about something more real. We should be teaching them how to make this world, you know... better, for lack of a more fitting word.
We should be teaching five-year-olds to accept people the way they are (and that the way they are is wonderful). We shouldn't be teaching them that only a select number of people are worthy of respect.
And you know what? This isn't just about five-year-olds. This is about everyone. We should be teaching everyone these things. You can, potentially, teach your ninety-nine-year-old grandmother about equality (HRC, I love you!).
This little girl is brilliant. This girl gives me hope. Hope for the world. Hope that in ten years, we might not be so heinously messed up that nothing can fix us. I mean, sometimes I lose a little bit of this hope. Like when the guy who sits next to me in Social Studies says something like men should be on the front line- we're the brave ones. But every so often, someone like this little girl comes along and reinstates my hope.
Sure, sometimes I get so angry with people that I kick things. But then someone like this little girl comes along and calms me down.
I realized, when I heard her say this (thrice). I realized that we have a future.
I am slightly more optimistic about the future of our world.
Thank you, little girl.
You are so brave, so early.
I admire you.


  1. You are also brave. Thank you.

  2. I loved this post.
    Thank you so much for supporting equality and promoting your beliefs.