Wednesday, December 28, 2011

That's Not Gay

I was wondering when I would hear it again.
That's gay.
Yeah, well, I heard it again.
That's gay. 
When, decidedly, it had nothing to do with homosexuality. AKA, this was meant as an insult.
I've always wondered why the heck people said that. I wondered why people compared things they thought were bad with being gay.
So, wait. Being gay is a bad thing?
And, wait... where do you get this idea?
I've never been able to fully understand the reasoning behind this.
We're all people. One some level, we're all people. And why is having female-male relationship any different from male-male or female-female? Just, you know... people.
I mean, there are the basic differences between males and females. We all know this. But, like I said... love is love. And, while we're at it, marriage is marriage.
Homosexuality isn't bad.
And it doesn't make one a bad person.
At all.
And if it's bad, if it's unpleasant, that's society's fault, for making it so. But this isn't what people mean when they say that's gay.
They mean that's bad, like being gay is bad and not as good or pure as being straight.
Which is just completely untrue.
If it's bad, if it's unpleasant, it's society's fault for telling the world that it is. It's society's fault for telling people to shun homosexuality. It's society's fault that it kills people, that it pulls people into depression. It's society's fault for not welcoming it.
Society sucks.
I've met so, so many brilliant and wonderful people who're gay. People who've overcome society. People who embrace themselves.
So, people. Just... just don't.
Don't call things you think are bad gay. Or, for that matter, queer (not queer as in strange, queer as in gay). Yeah, I head a woman refuse her six-year-old son the pink shoes because they looked queer. Gender labeling and homophobia.
Be considerate.
Gay does not equal bad, just like straight does not equal good. This just isn't how it works.

Oh, and p.s.?
MrAwesomeGuy/ I Hate This Blog Ha Ha, if you dislike my blog so much, you should probably stop commenting. Just saying. I don't appreciate it.


  1. I know, right?
    I mean, even if being gay were bad (which I do not believe), the phrase "that's so gay" doesn't make sense.
    For example, I believe homophobia is bad.
    But when I see something that I also believe to be bad (let's say, a bad movie) I don't say "That's so homophobic." Because it's not. I dislike bad movies and I dislike homophobia, but that does not mean they share any properties other than their badness.

  2. I've heard a lot of:
    Hey, he has a pink binder! He's so GAY! Har har har.
    For some reason, pink is now associated with gay.
    Guy + pink = gay
    Um... no.
    I say we BRING BACK PINK.
    Seriously. There is nothing wrong with LIKING a PERSON.

  3. Excellent post. Thanks!