Friday, February 24, 2012

and so i stalled

I am trying to write more shadow oak.
But in the time being, I will give you this wonderful picture of rainbow lights!
We like to holiday all year round in our neck of the woods.
Because what sore of demonish figure would give rainbow lights a designated time of year? The way I see it, rainbow lights are a holiday. We shouldn't rainbow light around holidays, we should holiday around rainbow lights.
And also, here is a picture of a bridge.
I took it from a car. In the rain. While it was moving. Also, while screaming.
I am an, um, eccentric photographer.
I am flatlining on ideas for my shadow oak (part two!!!!!). This is called writer's block, and it doesn't seem to want to leave me alone lately.
So if you people want to give me some ideas, that would be much appreciated.
(I mean, staying inside the story of shadow oak, just something more specific that should happen. Like, don't say they should all turn into zucchini and then explode! because I've been there. And it's not a good place to be.)
If you'd like to leave some ideas for me in the comments, I will be indebted to you for, like, ever.
I just seem to have a shortage of things to write about, unless it's about a non-kitten murdering, grammar obsessed person with awesome hair (don't ask).
And hey. If you give me ideas, I will write about it! At some point!


  1. Hm.
    For Shadow Oak...
    There could be, like, a DANCE!
    Which, basically, like, sets the scene for the main character to stare at her crush some Well, then something else could happen!
    For other stuff....
    A story....
    Or something
    Okay, here are some elements you may incorporate:
    - A ghost
    - A pet snake
    - A hidden cupboard
    - A broken window
    - A mysterious fish
    Hope at least one of those triggers something in your head!

  2. Hmm...
    you could do a kind of awkward family scene. not fighting or anything.
    but there could be a kind of cold, detached (uncomfortable) post-confession scene. (I guess you could tie a flashback of your families disappointment or whatever. A big fight would be a little extreme.
    or, it could be a kind of guilty, lonely, pre-confession scene.