Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dropped, just like a giant sparkly ball on New Years Eve in Times Square

What has been dropped, you ask? What have I dropped at a random time from my blog posts that formerly existed? Well, take a look. If you're not observant enough to figure it out (which I assure you, I'm not, because I didn't even notice it until about five minutes after I posted. So, I guess the majority of people would, in fact, fail to notice the difference between my last post and all previous. Do you really want me to tell you, you people who just don't like to look around?
Hey, I'm like that too- I can relate. And with my relation comes sympathy. Or empathy. Or whichever one I'm talking about. Maybe both, actually...
Well, anyway.
I dropped my closing. I mean, why have to same closing every single post? That's no fun, especially if it's one like "Please answer!" I know that I promised that would close every post. Sometimes promises have to be broken for the good of man kind, you know?!
You don't know?
Well, great. There you go, showing off how inconsiderate people can be! I tried to understand you, and you don't even take the time to know that sometimes promises have to be broken for the good of man kind. 
I can't even stand you anymore, it's just too-

To be continued...

Okay. Continuing time! I've taken a day or two, I've cooled off. I'm no longer angry with you! Just so you know, that took a lot of guts. To do it, and to say it.
But I feel bad, so...
Well, to make up for it, I think I'd like to write you a story or something.

So, once there was a dude. He delivered pizzas. And then, once, the pizza he was delivering to some shady characters on 700,000,000th Street blew up in his face. He was perfectly okay, though. It was weird- it just turned him blue. When he finally got to 700,000,000th Street, he knocked on the door of the one house that was there- number -78. He knocked on the door, and a guy dressed in an orange pantsuit answered. 
"That the pizza? Why're you blue?" the Pantsuit asked. 
"Your pizza exploded, sir!" said the Pizza Dude, cracking up for no good reason. 
"Aw, man! The exploding zucchinis again? What is with that cook guy? Why does he hate us/ think that zucchini should explode?"
"Well, you ripped him off once, so he's kinda mad still..." the Pizza Dude replied.
"No! He ripped us off!" yelled Pantsuit. his friend, Basketball Jersey, came out behind him. He smiled sympathetically. 
"Sorry. He doesn't like being falsely accused," BJ explained. 
Pizza Dude started to smile a little bit again. But as soon as he did, BJ's and Pantsuit's eyes changed to a flaming red color, and their ears morphed into zucchini. Then the ears exploded, and the normal ears came back. The eyes changed back to normal, and BJ and Pantsuit acted like nothing had happened. Well, they were testing Pizza Dude's ability to shut his face when he saw something crazy like that. But, sadly, Pizza Dude didn't know it. 
"So, like, what was that?!" asked Pizza Dude. 
"AAAAGGGGHHHH!" screamed BJ and Pantsuit. 
And then they themselves turned into zucchini and chased Pizza Dude around their house, and eventually out the door. 
Then they blew up.
They turned normal again.
They blew up.
Blew up.
Blew up.
Blew up.
Ran away laughing manically. 
Pizza Dude was totally fine, and totally blue.

My question:

Are you more like Pizza Dude, BJ, or Pantsuit?

Okay, so I think I'm most like Pantsuit. Besides the fact that he's actually an exploding zucchini. You can just disregard that part all together.

Note: The previous story is completely fictional and in no way based in fact. Exploding zucchini is not real. Unless, of course, someone plants a bomb in your zucchini, or some other highly technological device... 

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    I think I'm like pizza dude. Cause I'm BLUE!