Wednesday, March 14, 2012

hey, hey, trick question

I have a challenge for you.
Guess what causes rape.
Go ahead.
Short skirts?
No. You're wrong.
Animal instinct?
These excuses are commonly known as "victim blaming."
I would just like to take a moment and clear this whole thing up with people. It's not the victim's fault. The victim didn't "deserve it." The victim didn't "ask for it."
The victim didn't bring it upon themselves by wearing less clothing than is deemed publicly acceptable. Heck, there are lots of guys who walk around with no shirts on all the time. And yet, women are raped drastically more often. And a lot of girls who get raped are wearing jeans and t-shirts.
The victim didn't do it by being drunk. This is called being "taken advantage of," no matter whether you're sober or not. You have less of a chance when you're drunk. This is the rapist strategically planning out their rape, the rape that shouldn't happen anyway.
And we're the most civilized species of animal out there today. I think we can get through life without raping each other. There are a lot of us who are very uncivilized. But we have the ideas, the tools, to be civilized.
I have been informed that tree frogs rape.
But they think it's normal.
This shows that we are more civilized than tree frogs. We are horrified by something horrifying, as opposed to tree frogs, who normalize it.
We can't be like tree frogs, and normalize it with our "she asked for it" and "she deserved it."
A rape happens at least once every two minutes. 44% of the victims are under 18.
These idiot people who take advantage of these kids, as if they have a right to his/her body.
Do you want to know what causes rape?


  1. Well, while I agree with what you're saying, I would like to defend the culture of tree frogs.
    I don't think tree frog girls mind much. They're already looking for mates - preferably the ones with the better songs. So they climb up the tree, and those tree frogs who suck at signing are like, "we'll never get a girl this way." so they jump on her. I've seen videos - the female doesn't resist at all. And I don't mean she realizes there's no hope or is unable to fight off the male. She totally, like, gets into it. Which, depending on how you think about it, could be either okay or really creepy and sad.
    But tree frogs don't mate for life. They don't get to know their mates, or raise their children together. Tree frogs mate so they can lay eggs. From what I can gather, they don't even particularly enjoy mating, other than the satisfaction of having found a mate.
    So: they mate. They lay eggs. They leave. They'll find another mate next year, too. It's not like the female has been completely taken against her will - sure, she was aiming for another guy, but she was willing to go with this one too.
    And the males aren't doing it for selfish purposes. Human rapists commit rape for their own sexual pleasure. But all tree frogs, like most other animals, have a desire to mate so they can reproduce. That's the only thing they want. It's a primitive instinct that a species must have to survive. That's why tree frogs don't engage in other romantic activities like kissing. They only go all the way, because that's the only way to make babies - which is their goal in life.
    So can you really blame the males for succumbing to their only purpose in life? After all, they weren't raised by people telling them that it was wrong. They don't feel the female struggling or hear her screaming or even have any intuition that she might not want to do this. Basically: You were born with a need to eat. If eating was morally wrong, you wouldn't know that as a baby. If you had some food, you would probably eat it. And if there was no sign of how eating a piece of cheese could be morally wrong, you would still eat it as an adult (provided you liked cheese). Now, if the cheese cried and shrieked "NOOOO I have a family how could you do this ohnooooooo" you might think twice. But cheese doesn't do that, does it?
    (By the way: I don't actually think eating cheese is morally wrong. There is the whole thing with cows and stuff so some people don't eat cheese. I don't share that particular view, though. And I definitely don't think cheese minds being eaten.)
    And female tree frogs don't struggle or show fear. Parent tree frogs don't show any sign of why it might be bad to do such a thing (they never meet their kids anyway) and the tree frog media doesn't talk about how and why it's illegal.
    Wow. That was a long rant defending tree frogs. I probably overreacted. After all, rape-wise or not, tree frogs ARE less civilized than humans. Depending on your definition of civilized, but whatever.
    Sorry about that. I just felt a need to defend their... culture. They're not brutes, and they're not airheads that say, "oh, whatever, raping is okay, because we've done it for a long time!" They're just... doing what nature tells them to do, and it's not really wronging anyone. They wouldn't realize if the females minded, but, as it stands, the females don't seem to mind anyway.
    (Of course, there is always the chance that there are those who do mind and are going through terrible traumatic experiences, but that doesn't seem likely, and, in any case, I'm starting to rant again.)
    So. I should probably just STOP and publish the comment already instead of writing more pointless rant.
    In no way am I intending to offend anyone, or criticize your post. I just saw a sentence that I thought I could provide info about. So.