Thursday, April 26, 2012

laura secord

Laura Secord,
You are cool.
You did what Mr Paul Revere did. But you were warning the Canadians that the Americans were coming.
Otherwise, what were the differences? You were a woman. You reported to someone with a cooler name (FitzGibbon. How often do you come across someone named FitzGibbon? So great.).
And you got little to no recognition until you were 85. Seriously? 85? You were really freaking old at that point! Not much you could do with the £100 you got once you were 85.
You petitioned! You petitioned and what did you even get? £100 and, like, one statue.
And what about Paul Revere? Upgraded to "hero" status instantaneously.
Ms Laura Secord, you deserve a day.
A whole day!
Like, Laura Secord Appreciation Day.
Because, Laura Secord, you are incredibly awesome. Also your husband dragged some guy's body off the battlefield. And who was this guy? None other than Isaac Brock, who I don't care about or know about, but who has the same name as Modest Mouse guy!
You saved FitzGibbon's butt. And also probably Canada's. I mean, seriously. You deserve more than what you got. You deserve lots of prizes!

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