Wednesday, May 9, 2012

do we want chivalry to be dead?

When people tell me to go first because, hey, I'm a girl, I get a little angry. I am not a delicate flower. I can open doors and I can tolerate going last and I can handle being hit and I will hit you right back. Is it supposed to be nice, going first?
To me, it just feels like people are expecting that I will break if they breathe on me. I will freak out.
Bad things will ensue.
But really- I will freak out if you do this to me.
I am not no delicate flower. It degrades you, I think, when people are uncomfortable hitting you or going in front of you. Also, it's completely contradictory to the rest of the treatment we get. They put us last in everything else.
But I do think that if someone opens a door for you- it's polite. It's a nice thing to do. I hold doors open for people all the time. That doesn't mean that every living thing is totally sexist. In fact, mostly they're not. Mostly they're just polite. Or they see that you have lots of things in your hands.
So what do you people think?
(I like doing these open-discussion things, because it gives me some perspective.)
(By the way.)

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