Thursday, April 5, 2012

nebraska, you make me sad

Nebraska, I am very disappointed in you.
Two Aprils ago, you passed a 20-week abortion ban. Seriously?
People need abortions after 20 weeks. Oh, you probably know this. You know what? Know it better.
There are people that face serious complications after 20 weeks. And before 20 weeks! And generally in there anywhere. Nebraska, you need to take everyone into account, 'kay?
You need to spend less time watching football, and more time repealing all of these stupid laws.
The Cornhuskers can wait.
Things happen after 20 weeks!
And I know, you're doing this because you don't really like abortion (being a mostly republican state). But, Nebraska? It's a thing you need to let people have! For the safety of the woman. For, you know, ethical reasons (as in forcing the woman to give birth).
Nebraska, I thought I knew you.
I'm hoping that some of the people who read this live in Nebraska (which, don't get me wrong, I love to death... the sky is nice).
Raise awareness! Write a petition!
Just don't forge signatures, since I'm pretty sure that can get you in the slammer.
We want to get the Nebraska government to repeal this law.
This idiotic, pointless, messed up law.
I say we rise above them and try to get this law repealed! Rally! Or something!
This same law is trying to pass in other states, too (Arizona! Georgia!).
We shouldn't let it.
We should stand up for women's rights.
Come on, Nebraska.
Come on. 

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