Tuesday, January 15, 2013

another update

so remember this?
so, i feel really guilty, but i am (and have already) put this on a semi-permanant hiatus. because: i started writing it. and then i realized, i am absolutely no good at writing plays. i am not good at dialogue. so i basically went "this is rubbish" and forgot about it. also, obviously, i have been watching too much doctor who.
i am so sorry, and i know that i am like, the worst example ever.
BUT this will be a teaching moment.
if all y'all yous see something that you can do, something in your society or your school or whatever that you can remedy- do it. that's what i was trying to do, fix a pretty heteronormative tradition. i failed, but you guys probably won't because you rock.
write a musical, fellows. it can change things. 

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