Saturday, April 20, 2013

greetings, fair traveler

well, along with being highly lazy and relatively low-functioning, i am apparently also an idiot.
everything. is. gone.
all the things, guys, all the things have been replaced with awkward minus signs and I CAN'T HAVE THAT.
i have basically lost the ability to have a well-formed opinion about politics that i feel comfortable sharing with all y'alls, which makes me a terrible person. but although i still possess these opinions, i've become more focused on my art and my writing and my dragon coloring book. so while i may be back, i will probably not really be giving you the same things.
which okay, will lose me ALL THE FOLLOWERS but hopefully, like, the one person who still looks on here sometimes will stick with me?
yes, i shall be redesigning this blog, which actually gives me great pleasure but is something i don't do very often. and i mean i'm doing it instead of drawing diagrams for science class, so extra added bonus!
huzzah, guys.


  1. I will follow you (to the end of the earth), no matter what you have to say. You rock.

  2. OOOOoooo fancy blueness.