Monday, July 25, 2011

My conscience, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Healthiness (ew!) Try to put all that in a sentence, suckah.

Honestly, I would post so many insightful observation posts that I would blow up, if I could. I have so many more of those than I have questions. It's kind of a bad thing, seeing as this is not an insightful observation blog, and totally a question blog. Which is unfortunate for my conscience. Or whatever they call that little voice in your head that constantly tells you to do things that condescend each other. I call it my conscience. Not to say everyone else should, but they should. Hey, that was condescending? Well, my conscience told me to do it, so blame him.
I really want to read my stupid book right now. It's so stupid I wanna drop dead. Stupid books are funny, though, and they take off the pressure. Like, no tough issues here. Just being stupid! But for the sake of that author, I'm not naming the book. Or the author. Phew. Now no one can sue me.
But anyway, I'm stuck reading To Kill a Mockingbird, which totally rocks, don't get me wrong. I'm just not in the mood to learn anything, or to be taught any tough lessons (stories about housebound men are not always true). I love the book. When I read it last year, I loved it. I love it now. I just really want to read something hilariously stupid while eating my totally processed stick-me-in-a-toaster-oven dinner! Well, too late. I already To Kill a Mockingbird-ed out all over that idea. Darn. I was all excited, too. My dad has the car that the book is in. Come back already so I can bask in stupidness during dessert and/or vegetable/fruits! Ah, well. He's golfing his butt off/driving home from golfing his butt off. He'd better be almost here, though. Give me stupidity or give me death! That's a new one. I coin the phrase. Copyright it. Give me stupidity or give me death
Okay. We're cool.
Hmph. Apparently, my stupid book is missing out on vegetable/fruits, because I'm supposed to be doing that right now, and it's not here. grrrrr.
Well, on the whole veg/fruit thing...

What's your favorite vegetable/fruit, eh?

I know, a healthy question, but kind of gross. I hate vegetables, no offense to anyone who looooooves them like my mother does.
I've gotta say... apples. Wait, does applesauce count as a fruit? I say yes. So that. Applesauce. Yuuuuum.

Word up,


  1. I'm not a big fan of vegetables, but I love all fruits!! :D I've never hated a fruit in my life. Funnny, eh?
    P.S I'm on "Angel" in the Maximum Ride series now! I'm addicted :D

  2. i loooooove veggies and my favorite depends on my mood. right now i’m feelin the red peppers and asparagus. mmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. hmm...that is a hard choice....My answer is...(drumroll)