Monday, July 18, 2011


Insightful observation #1: I know this, and I said it. I said it, so you know that I know it. When people ask me why I talk about death so much, and tell me how obsessed I am, I think, Yeah? So what? Everyone else is. And it's true. Some people spend their whole lives waiting for death, or preparing for death, or dreading it, or constantly thinking about it. Some people spend their lives killing. Some people spend their lives watching the people they love die. Basically, everyone is obsessed with it, so why not talk about it? Just because I say it and they don't doesn't mean that I'm any more obsessed than them. Heck, I might be less obsessed! When you hold something in your mind, turn it over there, and let it sit, it becomes deeper. It's like a flame. However long you let it burns, it keeps getting wilder. But if you say it, you try to put that fire out. You try. And honestly? I'm not all that obsessed with death. I just say the world a lot.. die, death, kill. You know. Doesn't mean I'm obsessed. Obsession is a strong word. An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind. That's what obsession is, according to the dictionary thing on dashboard. Come to think about it, I'm not afraid to die. I live life, I don't wait for death. I'm not a killer. I've never seen a death, so don't constantly think about it. So shazam. I'm certainly not obsessed in any of the ways that people are, normally. So ba-bang. I rock.

Insightful observation #2: People think it's all weird when you're overly friendly. I should know. I really should, and guess what? I do. They think it's weird, take my word for it. It's one word that comes out of my mouth that's right. But when you're not friendly, they think it's all weird, too! How are we (we being the randomites of the world) supposed to find their perfect in-between? Should it honestly be our job to figure out how friendly we have to be for them (them being the normal people of the world) to actually enjoy our company? If they're gonna be like that, I just don't want to be friendly at all. Because what's the use? If I'm incapable of doing anything perfectly right, why even try to do this? It's just a waste of time and energy, and no one pays you back if they took either of those things and never gave it back. Nope. Time and energy can't be repaid. It's not that kind of thing. So why waste it when it's a waste?
No use, I tell you. No use.

So. Not terrible for a first shot? This is gonna be a regular thing, you know. Sorta. Every month or so, I guess. Every so often. To me, regular means that it's more than one time. It doesn't mean that it's... like... on the same day every month or something like that. Uh uh. That's just not how I roll, got me? No question today. Well, it's my Insightful observations day. I deserve to be able to share my thoughts, right? Okay.
But you can still, like, respond to this if you really want to. All comments appreciated. Always the case.
Well, hope ya liked.

Have some sugar,


  1. Hey EG!
    Agreed about the overly friendly. If your not overly friendly, some people think your mean!
    D: And then you have to be all friendly again. And it repeats. Oh well.
    Post another Insightful Observations post! I wanna read it :D

  2. I think about death a lot... the whole idea of death is just so weird. Like, what happens after you die? I'm just going to enjoy my life, then enjoy finding out! I think people get reincarnated, but you can never really know, can you?