Friday, July 29, 2011

Mysterious back pain....... arrrrrrrrgggggh!

Hey. I know, it's pretty soon, and this is weird for me. I only post about once a week or something. Maybe I should do it more. It's fun. Yeah, newsflash, I don't do this for you! I do it for my own personal self, thanks very much.
Okay, I know that was lame. So what? Deal with it!
But why am I posting, you ask? Why am I wasting your time with a million thousand empty words?
Hey! Don't call my words empty! It's rude.
I have come to introduce a new element on SeƱor Blog Insanity, yes I have. You know how some people sign off with one of those fancy signature things? Like this:

So I'm gonna have something kinda like that. 'Cept it's gonna be a picture. What picture? Well, you'll see at the end of the post.
My back hurts. Not old people "oooooh, my back aches, honey" kind of hurt, but like "I think I have a rash but there's nothing there kind of hurt. It's kind of annoying. Like, what the heck am I supposed to do about it? There's no visible problem!!!! It's like the mysterious butt pains... no, I don't even know the origin of that, but it's a family thing. Something weird that happened a while back... Ah, well, every family has them. Mostly not butt-related, but I have a weird family.
My point is, you can't cure it if you can't place it. It's impossible.
Doctor: So, what are your symptoms?
Me: uhhhh, pain.
Doc: Lemme see.
Me: Kaaaaaaaaaay...
Doc: [looking] There's nothing there!
Me: Yeah, that's why I couldn't just use WebMD.
Doc: Just take some vitamins.
Me: Oh, I'll keep that in mind.
Uh huh. I can just picture it. Me, full of the usual sarcasm, doc, all serious and grim. Ha ha. Doc and me, bad mix. For future reference, mom and dad, doc and me don't mix. Any doc. And dentists. oooooooh, yeah, mostly dentists! Last time I went to the dentist, I cried! Yes, I'm a wimp. Again, you're just gonna hafta deal with it, because how much I cry is mostly part of my life, and not really part of yours. Unless you're my mommy or my daddy, or my best friend.
Well, I have to go pass out on the bed now, get in a snooze or seven thousand. Yeah, I'm overly exhausted. Maybe delirious! I just have bad judgement, so I'm not going to bed even remotely early. Mwa ha ha! Evil laughter!

How do you spell evil laughter?

Is it mwa ha ha? Moo ah ha ha? Everyone has their own version, you know. And I want to have a collection of 'em or something. So contribute! Pitch in!
Well then.

Peace out, bros,

Yeah, that's me!!!! My
signing off picture!!!!


  1. mua-ha-ha-ha is probably the one I use most often. (Yes, with all the dashes)