Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An insight into my iPod. Plus some faeries.

What's up with me posting every other day? This needs to stop. I'll stop soon. I just have nothing good to do with my time. Okay, so, the following post I wrote yesterday. Enjoy. 

Yeah, I told my dad my ice cream looked like a badger. No big deal. Sometimes vanilla ice cream and non-hot fudge looks like a badger. Any asylums that got a call from him, ignore it. He doesn't know what he's talking about when he calls me a "nut." I'm just, you know, eccentric. Lots of people are. It's a common occurrence. In fact, it's hereditary! If I'm a nut, so is my dad. So there.
So, right now I'm listening to The Decemberists's Calamity Song, which I really only like because it has Nebraska in it (and the Andalusian tribe/ setting the lay of Nebraska alight). But I have it on shuffle, so I'll probably get something I like more in a minute. I mean, honestly, these people are setting fire to Nebraska (I used to live there. It was nice).
Oooh, oooh, new song! The Shins! Turn On Me. Good one.
So, more information on this post. I'm writing it in my Nebraska Cornhuskers (football team) notebook. If you're reading this, it means I typed it up and posted it. I'm no longer eating ice cream, because it's gone. Yay!
Arcade Fire now. Month of May. Another good one! You know, I really know myself well! I know my musical tastes really well. I'm proud of myself.
I have taken a journey upstairs. I am now in my room. Looking at that drawing I started before dinner. It's a fire faerie. When I finish, I'll put it here:

(Fleet Foxes. Blue Ridge Mountains.)
And when I scan in my drawing of my leaf faerie (yeah, she's completely green. It's intimidating), I'll put her here:

Yeah, they're exactly the same shape. I drew Leafy first, and then went over the dents I made in the next sheet of paper into Fire-Face.
You know what? I'm giving them wings.
Hold on.
Never mind. Apparently I suck at wings.
(The Shins. Red Rabbits.)
Anyway, Fire-Face has one braid. Why? Because it's super cool. You wouldn't understand, probably. You're not me. She also has one red eye and one orange one. It looks cool on her. Few others could pull it off but her. She's also the only one, probably, who can pull off the fire tattoo thing. Same with Leafy and her leaf tattoos. They're faeries. They can pull off anything and everything. But they can't fly, apparently. Fire can't fly! It doesn't have wings! Same with leaves! So Fire-Face and Leafy are wingless. Although Leafy can float.
(I just skipped two songs that I don't like, so it's The Shins again. Phantom Limb.)
Okay, so, my question.

Do you like Fire-Face or Leafy better?

I won't tell them what you say, so they won't be hurt.
But, hey, on the topic of my question... I need to have a talk with you people. I feel like I'm wasting my time sometimes! I don't want to sound annoying or anything, but the max number of comments I've gotten on any post in the last several months is three. That makes me sad.
Sad face.
Anyway, I know that more people read it.
(Broken Bells. Sailing to Nowhere, a super good one involving blood and guts!)
So I'm going to put a poll up (if I can figure out how).
Do you want me to keep putting up questions, or not?
Don't answer that here. Wait for the poll to appear. On the poll, I won't be able to tell who says what and all that jazz. But I'm serious. Answer for realsies, when you answer (and you should). Majority rules. I listen to whatever most people say.
All right, so we got that cleared up.
Feel free to share the link to this blog (www.erin-bumponablog.blogspot.com) with non-scary people.
(Ra Ra Riot. Can You Tell (Epochs Remix). Sounds the same as the normal one. Yay! It's a good one.)
(The Shins. Sleeping Lessons.)
Well, now my hand hurts. And I want to finish Fire-Face. But I'll keep going for a bit, so you know what's on my iPod (like you care).
Coldplay. Strawberry Swing. 
Spoon. Eddie's Ragga.
Vampire Weekend. One (Blake's Got A New Face).
Coldplay. Death and All His Friends.
The Shins. Australia. Love this one!
Broken Bells. The Ghost Inside.
Well, I'm done. No Grand Archives? Well, darn. And no My Morning Jacket? What's up with that? Stupid shuffle.

Yay Broken Bells,
Shmerin (I call me this)


  1. You have good taste in music, you draw well, and you are a bit of a nut. Most cool funky interesting people are. So deal.