Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hola, Irene (or, should I say, unplugged modem?)

Hey. I've spent my last couple days without internet (since Sunday, Irene day). We thought it was because of Irene. But my dad just discovered that we had the modem unplugged. And, like he said, we're dumb as bricks.
But I can give you some highlights, mostly because this seems like an okay occasion to give you highlights of my life!
On Sunday, Irene day, my dad spent a bit of time swearing at Irene, because she flooded our basement. I spent most of the day writing another novel.
Monday... more writing.
Tuesday, my bad day. Was looking for camera cord. Didn't find it, but found sunglasses. Broken. Tried to fix sunglasses, just got superglue on hands. Consulted super glue bottle. Got nail polish remover like they told me. Spilled it all over dining room table. Put nail polish remover away. Got soapy water- apparently this works, too. Spilled it all over floor. Decided to glue together my cairn... with super glue. Got more super glue on my hands. Watched television until I felt slightly better.
Wednesday, yesterday, I cleaned stuff, read Catching Fire again, and didn't write anything decent!
Highlights on cleaning my room on Wednesday:
Wondering why I sharpen my pencils onto my desk.
Getting pencil shavings off desk.
Unpacking my suitcase from the trip I took a week ago and finding prizes!
Putting soap I stole from hotel in a place of honor (next to my picture of my sister/cousin, next to sock monsters).
Pinning Ben and Jerry's thing on my corkboard.
Throwing random pieces of crumpled paper in the trash.
LATER- stepping on a piece of paperclip.
Well, that's fun, right?
I was really getting annoyed with the internet thing, because I had to get on the internet to do my friend's bar mitzvah present, which is in two days. But I'm all set, now. So, yay. And major props to dad for figuring out that the modem was unplugged! Apparently you've got the best eyesight out of all of us, because I think most of us went down there at one point.
But we're lucky. Irene took my cousins' power away and it's still not back. Our power went out on Monday morning (like, exactly midnight)! But it was on before we woke up, so we were luuuuuuuucky. Yeah, you can spell lucky with that many u's, and it still spells lucky. How about that.
Okay, here's my question.

What is a book title that tells the story of your life (the title itself, not the actual book)?

Yeah, I know I've asked this one before. But no one ever answered! And if you're going to answer any question, answer this one. Get your friends to answer it! And your long lost cousins! Just answer it. I don't want this to be like last time... This is the question I was most excited for. So, um, just answer it. I mean, maybe it's a little difficult. But think about it, and then answer it.
So, yeah. This is it for now.
Oh, but people?! Answer the stupid poll!!!!!!!!!!

Answer the question or else,
a freak (which my sister calls me)


  1. 2nd time--maybe really tons of people answered and it just never showed up!
    Papa's is "The Quiet Life" har har
    Mine is "Acts of Kindness"

  2. "how to eat fried worms"