Saturday, August 20, 2011

Woot! I can draw! (some things)

The other night, I decided to go sit on a green plastic lawn chair and listen to some music.
Of course, for some reason, I forgot to draw in the headphones. So the head should look like this:

What can I say? It looked more insightful without it. Because I'm not a very gifted artist. And, no, my hair doesn't look like that. It looks like this:

Or, sometimes, like this:
Although, I did draw something particularly awesome last night while listening to (more) music. I like music. But the awesome thing I drew is this:
Yeah, it's hard to believe that the same person who drew the MeSittingOnAGreenPlasticChair Chronicles drew that. I just didn't really feel like putting my artistic capabilities into that series... into the faces, anyways. People seem to enjoy how, in the first one, I have really pointy knees and a really curvy back. 
Okay, I'm not really sure what the awesome thing is. It's a face... and it seems to be crying. And it has face tattoos! How cool is that?! I really like drawing eyes, now that my ninja cousin (aka the cousin who taught me all that ninja stuff) taught me how to make them look non-creepy. But mostly I like drawing face tattoos. And tears. Ha ha. She's crying! 
So, I think she's a faerie or something. I'm not sure, like I said. But she's cooler than me, and she's cooler than you, too (since no one is cooler than me except her). She doesn't have a name. And she does have a head, and a body, but she can choose not to show it, apparently. Like the Cheshire Cat. He can show just his smile, right? So, apparently she can do that, too,  but with her whole face. Including her eyebrows, which I almost forgot to draw. Yup, I'm blilliant! (So blilliant I can't even spell brilliant right!)
So, question time- oh yeah. 

What's your favorite thing to draw?

You might have gathered that mine is eyes. You can give them scars:
And make them bloodshot:
 And give them face tattoos. Lots and lots of face tattoos:

Keep drawing,
The Anti-Guido (me)

Here's another picture of a face with face tattoos that I drew on the back of my menu at the restaurant (in crayon).
And a velociraptor that I mostly only like because it took me, like, five minutes, and cool things usually take me, like, half an hour:
The end. 



  1. Love ur drawings! My favorite thing to draw is probably abstract things tht you can make pictures out of if you look really closely.

  2. Heyy Erin,
    Hehe I like your drawings! Especially the one with the cool eye tattoos. Oh and I like the dinosaur pic. :D New post!

  3. I like the MeSittingOnAGreenPlasticLawnchair chronicles.

    I like drawing people.