Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am disappointed. And my cat is cute.

I am very disappointed in you. All of you. No one answered my question. So I am going to ask it again. If no one answers, I am going to be angry. Very angry. Plus, I would really like if someone would answer the poll! It's on the right side, people. Right at the top, too. It's really hard to miss and takes about half a second to answer. So you should.
But here we go.

What is a book title that tells the story of you life (the title itself, not the actual book)? 

Answer it. Like I said last time, if you're gonna answer just one question, ever, let it be this one. Because this one is my best. The most interesting. Uh huh. And like I said, get everyone you know to answer it. Because it's the best I have. So, just, as a general rule... answer it.
Well, in other news, I have viewers in Canada! Or else someone I know went to Canada and looked at my blog there... I'm not ruling it out. But still! And my friend looked at my blog in Korea! 49 times? Maybe someone else, did, too. Who knows, though.
So, yeah Mostly I'm excited that someone in Canada looked at this! (it doesn't really seem possible unless they are someone I know that went to Canada) Twice! Or something!
Well, I have to go back to school tomorrow. Bleh. Of course, everyone else in the civilized world already has gone back, but apparently not here. I don't know what's wrong with this town, really. They keep us in until it's almost August. But not quite. No, I am not going to tell you where I live. Because that wouldn't be very smart. I don't have to explain it. You know why.
It's noon forty and I really have to plug this computer in, or my mom will eat my face. Graphic? Well, you would think, but it's so unrealistic that it's not really that scary or gross or anything.
There we go. I plugged it in. Go me! I'm so proud of myself. Don't tell me I shouldn't be. That would be rude. Don't rain on my parade. Okay, go ahead. I love rain. So don't... hail on my parade, aka tell me I shouldn't be proud. All right, I'll hail on my own parade. I shouldn't be proud. I'm really not, so it's okay.
Enough with the randomness. I don't think you seriously care about me plugging in this computer. So I'll tell you about my kitty.
He was cute. I'm not sure if he's still alive or not, but we'll get to that.
His name was Sawyer. Like, Tom Sawyer. I called him Soyfish. Or maybe Sawyfish? This is him when he was really small:
That was taken six years ago. Well, five, I guess. In 2006.
He didn't really like us. He bit us, scratched us, all that stuff. But when I sat still, sometimes he sat on my lap and stayed a while. He was soft. He got much bigger than that picture. Much bigger. Here, a picture of him when he got big:
That was taken in 2009.
We got him from a place called the Cat House. He was technically mine, because I got him for Christmas. But after three years, I think, I went to the allergist. And he told me I was allergic to cats. My dad is, too, and we already knew that. So we gave Soyfish away, and that's when picture number two was taken, back at the Cat House.
He was a good kitty (sort of). At the beginning, his ears were too big for his head. And it was adorable. He was always adorable.
And that is the Epic of Sawyer the Kitty.
Hope you liked it.
So, yeah.
Answer the poll. And my question.

Happy cats,
Edwin (What? I'm running out of names!)


  1. In my defense, as I told you, I did post this before, but for some reason it did not show up.

    So here goes again:

    Title: Infinite Jest

  2. I would have done the poll, if I weren't too lazy to check this recently. :)
    What, I was busy!
    Okay, fine. I wasn't busy.
    Oh well.
    Title:*drumroll* Casebook In Abnormal Psychology

    Fittng, isn't it?