Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello fish. How ya doin'? And plant? Let me take your picture- or else

So, as you can tell, I'm somewhat obsessed with changing my theme-a-thon. So... bear with me here. Don't go psycho on me. That would make us all unhappy, right? Especially you.
Um, so, this is my fall-is-coming-woo-hoo theme. Maybe someday I'll have a winter-is-coming-woo-hoo theme. But winter isn't coming. So I'll hold off on you.
I'm still upset with you, but whatever. I'm not going to be that guy.
But, really. No one answered my poll. It's been there for two months!
Whatever. I'm trying not to be that guy.
Jeesh, I just realize I haven't done my insightful thoughts thing lately. Next week. Maybe. If I remember. See, I have really terrible memory issues. I don't know why. I mean, I shouldn't. I'm not sixty.
Yeah, so, you all missed my birthday. Not that I care, honestly. If I cared, I would have written on my birthday- then you wouldn't have missed it.
Moving on. What's wrong with talking to fish? Uh, nothing, right? Talking to fish is perfectly normal. People talk to their cats, so why is talking to fish so wrong? So what if they can't hear me?! 
" People used tell me that being with him is a waste of time in the first place. They say it because even though I talked to him, he didn’t talk back. They judge people on their conversation. I’m not like them. I judged him by his presence. His actual self, his being, gave off a calm aura that calmed me down, too."
Yeah, I'm quoting myself. So what? That's from my novel, by the way, people. In case anyone wanted to know. But that is, of course, in reference to a hawk, not fish... ah, what does it matter, honestly? The meaning is the same. What I was trying to get across is conveyed, so I'm cool.

Right, so I run on like a fool when I'm listening to music. Again, bear with me. I'm trying not to bore you to absolute death, but sometimes it can't be avoided. Sorry. 

So I will write about something random and try to put something witty in there. Just so you know.

Today I was taking pictures. I take pictures of nature that doesn't move, like that poison ivy picture. So, I took about ten solid minutes taking shots of this sprout that was coming out of the woodchips. I thought it was nice, okay? 

Me- Hello plant. 

Plant- Get out of my personal space.

Me- I just want to take a picture.

Plant- No.

Me- I'm taking one anyway!

Plant- That's illegal! I'm calling the cops on you!

Me- Don't. I'll go away.

Plant- You'd better.

Me- But can I take a picture first?

Plant- No.

Me- Please!?

Plant- Sure!

Me- Wow. Really. That's all it takes with you? 

Plant- Not usually. But it was really pathetic. So I thought I'd say yes, just to humor you. 

Yup. Self depreciation is always the way to go with these things. Hello, humor! According to Mr. Plant, I look pathetic when I say please. So maybe I should just stop doing it. Well, I think my mom would be pretty upset with me. Mom, whaddaya think? 

So. I had a good question. But I forgot what it was. So I'll ask you something else.

What's your favorite band?

I, personally, would say Broken Bells. But my dad says that's not technically a band. So I'll go with The Shins. If I must. Apparently, James Mercer is the singer dude in both of them. No, I didn't know that before my dad told me last week. Go figure. 

So. I think that's all. Because i have nothing else to write. It's called writer's block. It's the worst thing that can happen to a person like me.

Berin (there's this three-year-old that calls me that)


  1. Heyy Erin~!
    Guess what? I voted! YAY!!
    I don't know why, but that plant sounds mean. I don't know, it just does. :P
    As for my fave band? I'd say 2NE1. :)
    P.S New post.

  2. :3
    I like They Might Be Giants.

  3. My favorite band changes all the time! Right now I love the Avett Brothers and Fleet Foxes and the National.