Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Because I haven't TOTALLY exhausted the subject yet...

I am going to give you a photo montage.
Of my life.
La la la, having fun on my huge, old Dell when
Look closer.
Yes. Low battery. Dang. I convince myself I was pretty much done anyway.
So here it sits. The next day, or whenever I decide to open it again
This again. Great. Now I have to plug it in.
My cord is not usually in this convenient a place.
So it's all plugged in and stuff. The freaky little message disappears.
I go into my account.
Feeling good, feeling good. And then
YES, I'm SURE!!!!!!!!!
And I play solitaire. For a while. No, I didn't win that game. I didn't win the one after that, either. I almost did. I didn't win the one after that- I gave up after two seconds. Same with the next one. But on the one after that... I dominated. Someday I'll take a video for you of what it does when you win.
If I ever win again.
See, solitaire works like that.
They let you win once, and then they make the games harder. After about two million more games full of failure, they let you win again. And then they get harder again.
So, after a while you have to go play a couple games of pinball. Which you get a really good score on when you're not trying to. Because when you're trying to lose, it keeps making you replay balls and stuff.
I was playing pinball, all distracted and stuff, and I almost got a high score (which, no, isn't saying much, but whatever). Then I started trying. And the ball went right down the middle. Like, what's up with that. Sure, I was obsessively checking my score, and freaking out because some song I really like randomly came on.

Do you like pinball? Real pinball, like on those machines at arcades? Or computer pinball?

Oh, just so you know, insightful observations coming soon! I keep putting it off, and deciding to write about solitaire instead. Oh, what a life I have... *sighs*
Well, go play solitaire for me,
Chai Latte Macchiato


  1. I love pinball. Both real and computer. But I stink at both. :(

  2. Chris 'Dad' William GallagherOctober 4, 2011 at 4:33 PM

    Pinball's aight. I like arcade pinball best, but I tend--you won't believe this--to "tilt" it. So that sucks ducks.