Monday, December 12, 2011

Yeah, it really isn't a person. Just saying.

Since it would become obvious in the following post anyway, I'm pro-choice.
And because it would become obvious in the following post anyway, I get angry at people sometimes.
It's been an issue for... a while (yeah, massive understatement). Before abortion was legal, bad things happened (and, hey, they still do). Some women went through unwanted pregnancies. Some tried to abort their pregnancy themselves (which doesn't usually turn out very well). And, of course, there were the people who were being convicted of crime because they had an abortion.
Then Roe v. Wade came along. People always talk about this. Bush was gonna overturn it, but apparently he never got around to it (yeeeeeeah, postponing the freaking apocalypse). Roe v. Wade is a law. It's a law that makes abortion legal.
This law was enacted in 1973 (which, in case anybody cares, is when the second edition of Our Bodies Our Selves was published... fun fact).
This law had been chiseled away so much that it doesn't mean as much as it did.
And, like I said, Bush was gonna overturn it... it being something that saved a lot of peoples' lives. But don't get me started on him.
So, here we are.
Of course, I don't know every single detail on this whole battle with anti-choice people. I didn't really feel like wading through a thousand articles on it (even though I went through quite a nice number).
But I know that Mississippi was gonna pass a law that made a fertilized egg a person. They had rallies about this. Yes, that is resent you hear in my voice. Rallies to force women to have children they don't want, and (possibly) endanger their lives. This wasn't even twenty years ago or anything.
This was recently.
So accurate it's insane.
But here we go. Detailed explanation on why I'm pro-choice? Coming right up.
It's not a person. It's not a person! It doesn't have personality. It's... it's jut not a person. What, are we going to endanger the woman and force her to have a child she doesn't want, or are we going to let her have an abortion? (Correct answer: b.) This is completely taking away her right to her own body, which is a serious issue. She can make her own choices. It's her body, and she has rights to it. Ones that you shouldn't take away.
Oh, and then there's the whole lying thing.
No, people. Having an abortion doesn't give women mental health issues. Or a higher risk of breast cancer. I mean, really. Lying isn't going to... switch people to your cause, I guess. I could give them the benefit of the doubt. Oh, they were just misinformed, poor them.
But I'm not going to.
If you're going to say something like that (and, yeah, I know that not all anti-choice people said this or even agreed with it), you back it up. With scientific evidence. You don't just say it.
That's not the way it works.
People did desperate things.
And, actually, you have a higher risk of mental health issues if you don't have an abortion when you need/want one.
So there.
Okay, people. You hate me now? Good for you. Hate me all you want. My personal opinion, people, and you don't have to like it.
So, yeeeaaaahh.


  1. I think that choice is good, and it should totally be the person's choice. Even if I personally think abortion is kind of a bad idea, it's still that person's choice. :)

  2. I think that abortion is sad, personally.
    I mean, I approve of choice. If a person needs or really wants an abortion, go for it.
    But although I respect that, I am still bad about how the possibility of a personality went away.