Friday, September 21, 2012


Today, I discovered a facebook account made by someone that I probably know. Nameless Person goes to the same school as I do, hypothetically. When Nameless Person (screenname Pollard Rates) reaches 100 friends, Nameless Person says he (or she) is going to post a list of the 10 hottest girls in my school.
Nameless Person is already at 67, even though his page was created two days ago. Nameless Person has more friends than I do.
His/her page is filled with insults and pleas for his/her name. Filled with angry comments because, yes, we all realize how messed up with is. But this person is still coming out with the list when he/she reaches 100, which is frighteningly and steadily approaching.
Nameless Person has a post telling the world who he has a had-on for right this moment, and he/she's commented back to someone and totally called him a fatass.
So, obvious problems here-
the objectification. This one's pretty self-explanatory.
so, I assume the reason that a lot of girls are friends with this feller is that they want to know if they're on the list (and so they can angry comment). And this is a problem- even if I'm mostly wrong, I can assume that at least one person wants to know. This is a problem because these days, we need assertions of our own beauty. What we think isn't enough anymore- maybe it never was.
whoever this person is. This person is seriously... I don't even know, but it's messed up and its creepy. 

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