Thursday, October 4, 2012

debate number one

There was a debate last night. For the prezzy prez in the united states. I don't really see how anyone could have totally dodged the fact that it happened, so I'll just move on here.
Obama seemed sort of... tired. Like he wanted to be somewhere else on his twentieth anniversary.
And Romney seemed sort of... mean. Come on, Mitts, let Jim talk once and a while. Jim is the all-knowing moderator. You must listen to him.
I was pretty disappointed that they didn't talk about anything I particularly wanted them to talk about, which were the social issues, the abortion and the gay marriage and things like that.
Occurrences of  social issues in first presidential debate=zero.
All they talked about the whole time was money. And the economy. And, yeah, I know, that's an important issue, but other things are also important.

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  1. I think that while gay marriage is definitely an issue that should and has been addressed in presidential campaigns, it's not necessarily a priority for a debate. The candidates have already stated whether they are for or against gay marriage. What they specifically plan to do about it still needs to be addressed, but I can understand why the details of that might not be a top priority at the very first debate (although I have to admit I was hoping that would come up as well)
    Another thing that disappointed me was no mention of plans for the environment! That is so important! Obama said a few things about green energy sources, but not really in that context. I'm hoping to see these two things in the next debate!
    Are there any other issues that you specifically are hoping will come up?