Saturday, January 28, 2012

What Happens To Me When I Lift Heavy Things

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The other day, I was lifting something heavy. With my friend. If you care so very much, it was a podium. Yeah.
A podium.
So these three people I don't know... teachers, probably... walked past us.
"Where are all the boys?" one of them asked, probably thinking that finding "the boys" would save us, or something.
"Don't be sexist," one of the others said.
But it was too late. The sexist-ness had already been committed, and I was moderately angry.
So I'm not strong enough to lift this podium, but "the boys" are? Yeah, because I'm just a small wimpy girl, no muscle or stamina or strength here!
So my friend and I (look, grammar!) brought it to the chorus room.
After telling us where to put it, the music teacher said something like, "I'll probably get some strong guys to move it later, no offense."
But offense had been taken.
By me and my friend.
Because we're just wimpy little girls, no muscle or stamina or strength here!
She's basically one of the strongest person I've ever met.
And we were doing just fine with that podium, thank you very much.
But since we're girls, we're not self-sufficient or capable. We need help from "the boys" to get things done.
Um, no.
I can lift heavy things. In fact, I own at lifting heavy things. Lifting heavy things, is, like my favorite pastime.
But since I'm a girl, it's frowned upon by society? Or, at least, it's unbelievable that a girl like me can lift heavy things.
Because the guys do the heavy lifting. The girls just sit there and watch them.
These are our places. And if we move out of them, we get comments like, "are you sure you don't need help." Comments I know we wouldn't have gotten if we were guys.
And to that, I say
Break the gender barriers, people.
Lift heavy things, even though you're a girl, and people think you can't handle it.
Carry big heavy podiums down school hallways if you want to.
And if people decide that it's not feminine enough, then they're total sexist idiots.


  1. Whenever we're on field trips or something, teachers will be like "Okay, we need four strong boys to carry these crates of water bottles." or "Can three boys come and help move these coolers?"
    Although I don't especially enjoy lifting coolers, I'm always tempted to pile on every single one of them.

  2. OH MY GOSH that happens ALL THE TIME.
    Teacher: Can we have four BOYS come over here to carry these?
    Boys: Sure!
    (girls fume indignantly)
    (boys come back, acting muscular)