Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Top Shelf

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I'm angry at The Top Shelf at CVS. Really, anywhere. But The Top Shelf of CVS is just where I noticed it the most.
When it comes to stuff, this is bad. Like, stuff geared towards young kids. Toys.
They look at The Top Shelf and see this

Okay, so, first of all? I love Batman. Batman is my hero.
And, also, I watched Star Wars today. I grew up loving Star Wars.
And so, accordingly, it makes me sick that people are all like girls don't like Star Wars. Stuff in Star Wars goes boom too much. Newsflash, people. I like it when things go boom! And it doesn't matter that I'm not a male. I can still like it when things go boom.
But I noticed this one day, walking down a CVS aisle. They keep all their annoying things on The Top Shelf... their giant teddy bear things (like, really? Who needs one of those?) and their nauseatingly gender-specific toys. But when you think about it, so many toys are gender specific (or are meant to be). It's subtle. It's mostly communicated through the pictures on the boxes- is it a girl on the box, or a boy on the box? This shows kids that, when they pick up a box with a picture of a bunch of people of the other gender on it, they're wrong. They're wrong to want to pick it up. And, honestly? This is the case with a lot of things. Like I said before, about that mother who wouldn't let her son get the pink shoes because they were "queer."
If I'm a boy, and I want to play with princesses, I'm just... wrong.
And if I'm a girl, and I want to play with something that goes boom, I'm just... wrong.

This isn't the way things should be.
Your gender shouldn't matter. What I really want to see is this.
But yet.
We should be petitioning on this, not on who stars in the next big movie. Because that has nothing to do with the future of our society. But this? This does.


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  1. I totally agree with you. Gender-specific toys are the worst. It's like we're encouraging boys to be careless, violent morons. And girls to be creative, pretty fashionistas. Ugh.

    I actually hissed at someone the other day. We were grading essays in language arts and everyone was like "I think she did a great job!" I mean, COME ON, She??? When I asked them why it couldn't be a boy's essay they simply said, "Oh, come on. Do you really think a boy would write that?"
    It was an essay about Walt Disney.
    Why is that a "girl" essay? So I hissed at them and now I make a point of saying "he" did a good job on every supposedly girly essay. Example: "I think HE did a great job describing HIS discussion with DisneyMan. Don't you think HE wrote it well?"