Monday, January 30, 2012

To That Guy... Finally, A Tirade!

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The way we notice inequality is subtle. But it's equally subtle the way that we don't notice it. For some of us, it just sort of slips under the radar. Instead of it being wrong, some people see it as the way it is.
Men should be on the front line- we're the brave ones.
I've fed you this quote before. But I've never gone on a full-blown tirade about it. I've told you that some random guy told me this.
But I've never really... blown up about it. Let me rephrase that- I've blown up about it. In my head. Just not to you.
This is about to change.
I present you with a letter.

To That Guy,
Wait, so hold on.
Hold it just one minute.
Are you saying your gender is braver than mine? Because that is just untrue. Bravery has nothing to do with you guys having a scientifically speaking, generally higher muscle mass. Bravery has nothing to do with the fact that the standards they post on the wall in the gym says fifteen push-ups for you, eight for us. And if that's not what you were talking about...
Have you ever worn a corset? Do you even know how many years women wore those things? That, my friend, is what I call suffering. And it's more than suffering. It's putting on the stupid thing (which made women pass out all the time, may I add) even though it hurts like hell. That's bravery, right there.
And you know what? Women are the ones that have to deal with what will turn into another human living inside them for nine months (if they choose to). And along with the creepiness factor of that, there's also the pain. All the pain...
But bravery is more than pain. It's more than dealing with corsets, or sharing you body with another life form... these things are extremely frightening and take a whole lot of courage, but still.
Bravery is dealing with all the things people say daily, trying to put us down. Bravery is going to the extreme to gain rights that we really should have. Bravery is the people who, way back when, came out with the idea of equality and feminism, and tried to change the world. Bravery is people who are still changing the world. Bravery is dealing with ignorance that law enforcement has for domestic violence. Bravery is the women who were forced to get illegal abortions (unsafely) because they weren't legally allowed the rights to their own bodies.
So you tell me men are braver than women. First of all, I
at that. I mean, I'm not saying men aren't brave. I'm saying that, by no stretch of imagination are all men braver than all women.
And if what you were really trying to say is that you are braver than me...
I just laugh in your face. Because you don't know me. Because you don't know my life.
A Girl. A Woman. A Female.

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